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Uniform – It is extremely important for children to maintain their discipline by wearing their uniform when at home. They will be able to work correctly and safely and also maintain discipline with the mind set of usual standards. No Jewellery. Hair tied up appropriately. – Appropriate footwear as part of uniform must be worn (No Socks), partiicularly on slippery surfaces such as kitchen floors, tiles, laminated flooring. We advise bare feet however if you wish to wear ballet and modern shoes, this is acceptable based on your judgement (If there is a no-shoes-on policy in the house, of course adhere to this as normal). – To help motivation make videos or pictures of your progression which you can share with your teacher or friends. Feedback can be given and you will also see rewards for your hard work. – This is an inclusive activity for all the family to participate in so make sure you have enough space and time to dedicate to a session. We advise you follow the structure of normal classes: therefore if it is a half hour class, practice for this time and not overload yourselves. This will maintain sustained interest, reduce the risk of fatigue and injury and ensure the health and safety to all. – Social media- connecting with us and friends you can share work. But you should be mindful of others and help with encouragement and positive comments.


Before taking part in our dance programmes have you considered the following:- A FULL RISK ASSEMENT OF
Have you enough empty space to move in?
Edges of tables and cupboards where you could hurt yourselves
Any wires or cables that need to be moved or hidden away from you
Distractions (pets, other people, noise, can you adapt to help focus)
Do you have water to keep hydrated?


Do not eat or chew gum during lessons as per usual, however a snack post – class is advised to boost energy if possible – Think about when you eat. Food should not be consumed just before a class if possible to allow for digestion – If in the garden consider wearing sunscreen and protective wear – If you are using multiple dance programmes introduce breaks – Is there glass or candles which need to be moved for safety Is the floor a potential hazard? slippery or too hard?